Benefits of Working with Dr.Rox


Restore Energy


Come off of Medications

Significantly Reduce or Eliminate Joint Pain & Inflammation


Lose Weight & Break Weight Loss Plateaus

Alleviate Gut Health Issues such as Frequent Bloating, Constipation, GERD, & IBS


Boost Confidence


Get Rid of Brain Fog

Balance Hormones to Reduce Symptoms Associated with Painful Periods, PCOS, Hot Flashes, Diminished Libido, & Mood Swings



Dr. Rox is certified by the National Board of Health  & Wellness Coaches.

A prestigious certification & the ONLY Health Coach certification recognized by the American Medical Association .

 Dr. Rox also holds a doctorate (PhD) in Health Psychology...the study of health behavior change! 

Additionally, Dr. Rox has worked as a health coach since 2009, but since the start of her career in 1998,  she has dedicated her lifes' work to helping individuals change their health behaviors.

 This extensive education, training, and work history, paired with her own personal struggles with chronic health conditions have given her an empathetic lens from which she can better relate to and support her clients along the lifelong journey of attaining, and sustaining optimal health despite lifes' twists and turns.


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