Scale Stuck?


Belly Fat Won't Budge?


Energy Levels Low?


Got Gas & Bloating?


Need to Kick-start your weight-loss?


Have hormone-based weight-gain?



Just call me the PLATEAU Breaker!



Where you see struggle,

I see opportunity for healing & breakthrough transformations.

32 y/o Female

" I lost 14lbs! My clothes fit so much better! I can close and button jackets/shirts that I couldn't before.  My arms comfortably fit in the sleeves of shirts that used to be really tight. All my size 22 jeans are very roomie and my size 20 jeans can go on without spanx!! --at this rate, if I keep this up, I'm finna act a whole fool by my birthday."

40+ y/o Female

"I really have never experienced anything like this before!  Everyone kinda mocked me while I was doing it and was eating all this "weird" stuff. Lol You know I expressed it was hard at times for me and I am surprised that I stuck with it, but seeing results does make me want to continue so THANK YOU!"


50+ y/o Female

"I want to thank you for not only the 10 day meal plan, but for your energy and support! The plan has definitely changed my physical from 205 to 195, and taken off 2 inches off my waistline. But I'm definitely glad to know you and be in this community of beautiful women."

70+ y/o Female

"I was down 13lbs this morning but that's not the good news. The good news is that the swelling in my legs & feet was down to normal & no diarrhea. Some swelling returned as the day progress but no pain or discomfort & nothing comparable to the last 6 days. This is amazing! I am so pleased that the car is on it's way out of the ditch!"

The 30 Day Rev Me Up REBOOT

Honors Your Bio-Individuality

Eliminates Frustration

Gets the Scale to Move


I have designed the 30 Day Rev Me Up Fat Loss Reboot System to take the frustration and guesswork out of your weight/fat loss journey and give you a root cause, holistic system that will ...

  • Whittle away stubborn belly fat.
  • Boost your energy.
  • Reduce joint pain and inflammation.
  • Balance your hormones.
  • Improve digestion by stopping bloating &  constipation.
  • Ignite your natural fat burning power.
  • Finally get the scale to move!

A Glance at How Your

30 Days in the Rev Me Up Reboot System Are Broken Down

DAYS 1-3

Get Acclimated & Organized

Instructional videos and your day-to-day guide will help you to order necessary supplies, start getting organized, & begin cultivating a new mindset around weight and fat loss.

You will also have your 1:1 Intake Call with Dr. Rox during this time.

DAYS 4-6

Assess your Bio-individuality & Create A Personal Fat Loss Plan.

Customizing a program to honor your chemical uniqueness is CRUCIAL. We must identify the root cause of your stalled weight/fat loss and create a plan of microrepair so we can reignite your fat burning power! 

Your Personal Fat Loss Plan will include:

  1. A list of YOUR Power foods for healing and increasing fat burn.  If you have multiple issues impeding your weight/fat loss, you will receive additional power foods lists so we can maximize the effects of your plan. 
  2. 3 Prescriptive Recipes you will take each day of the meal plan. Typically in the form of a tea, smoothie, and a soup. Each with a targeted purpose.
  3. 20+ Recipes curated to target your root cause while also boosting fat burn.
  4. A 10 Day REBOOT Meal plan (AKA your Complete Healing Meal Plan) giving you what to eat and drink everyday at every meal. No guesswork. It is a DONE 4 U Plan with customizations OR you can swap out approved meals from a list to create you own plan.
  5. A list of foods to exclude (if necessary), not just ones you know to be unhealthy, but ones that do not support your body's ability to break them down. 
  6.  Alternative modalities (such as dry skin brushing, essential oils, use of certain herbs, etc) 
  7. Exercise recommendations (sometimes it is recommended that you only relax, have sex, or walk).
  8. 2 Done -4-U  Meal Plans with targeted healing and fat burn booster recommendations to transition you after the REBOOT.

Instructional videos and your day-to-day guide will help you learn the foundational principles of the 1st phase of healing known as the REBOOT, review expectations, commitments, tips for success, and alternative modalities to incorporate to boost your fat burn based on the specific problems stalling YOUR weight/fat loss.


DAYS 7-11

Prep Your Kitchen, Review Recipes, Plan First Grocery Shopping Trip, & Meal Prep

Instructional videos and your day-to-day guide will help you begin to prep your kitchen, review the recipes AKA prescriptions, create your grocery list, complete your initial shopping trip, and start cooking meals for your first 5 days of the 10-day meal plan.

DAYS 12-21

Start the Healing with a Reboot

These intense 10 healing days days are dedicated to using the meal plan to REBOOT your system using the prescriptive power of food and reboot your natural fat burning system.

You will be eating 5X per day. 3 meals & 2 snacks. The breakfast meal during this phase is a smoothie.

During these 10 days of the program, Dr. Rox will be checking in with you at least every 3-4 days to assess if you are on track, make adjustments to your plan if needed, hold you accountable, support you, guide you, and cheer you on through the finish line.

Instructional videos, and your day-to-day guide will help you stay on track and in tune with how your body is responding so Dr. Rox can make changes to your plan if necessary. 

DAYS 22-30

Next Steps

This is your transition time. You will also be given a TWO fat burning meal plans and you will have a 1:1 Next Steps Video Call with Dr. Rox so you have strategy in place to move forward.




Rev Me Up Reboot

30 Day Program Includes

  • 1:1 Intake Coaching & Health Assessment Call¬†
  • Lab Report Review
  • Personal Fat Loss Prescription
  • Complete Healing Meal Plan
  • Alternative Modalities Suggestions to Increase the Fat Burn
  • 3 Powerful Healing Prescriptions AKA Recipes¬†
  • 20+Recipes carefully curated to target the scientific reason you are not losing weight.
  • An online day-by-day guide.
  • 7 Instructional Videos with Dr. Rox¬†
  • Frequent 1:1 check-ins¬†(2 X per week)
  • Access to an archive of over 40+ workouts.
  • 2 Done 4 U Fat Burning Meal Plans¬† with a Weekly Meal Overview, Step By Step Recipes & A Matching Grocery List.
  • 1:1 Next Steps Strategy Coaching Session
  • Safe, supportive, inspiring community through a private app¬†with other women who have the same goals and face similar challenges.
  • As a bonus, you will also receive the 2 Day Reignite Plan¬† so you can get started with a nutritional boost as you are learning the key principles of the plan.
  • ¬†And another bonus... you will receive a Mindfully Fit T-shirt¬† upon completion of the program with successful check-ins with Dr. Rox.
Ready for Your Transformation? Enroll Here!

Everything You Need To Stay Organized, Track Your Metrics & Symptoms, Be Held Accountable & Supported!


All Rev Me Up Programs are delivered via a private secure HIPAA compliant client portal accessible through your desktop and via a mobile app.


You will access all program materials, recipes, worksheets, instructional videos, exercise videos, seminars, and your day to day guide in this app so access is always right at your fingertips when you are on the move! 

You can also log your food, symptoms, sync wearable fitness devices, privately DM & video chat with Dr. Rox though this client portal which also has a mobile app for more 1:1 connection and real-time accountability.


Insurance Reimbursement for 1:1 Health Coaching Sessions 

The American Medical Association (AMA) and the medical community are actively embracing health coaching for its effectiveness in promoting holistic care, empowering patients, addressing behavioral factors, and contributing to chronic disease management aligns seamlessly with the evolving vision of healthcare as a collaborative and patient-centered endeavor.

This growing acknowledgment of health coaching's effectiveness is underscored by the approval of health coaching billing codes by the AMA in recent years. 

It is important to note that AMA only recognizes health coaches who are certified by National Board of Health & Wellness Coaches.

An esteemed certification Dr. Rox also holds.

Depending on your coverage, the health coaching sessions offered in Dr. Rox programs could be reimbursable through your health insurance company. 

Call your insurance and ask if you have coverage for :

Health and Well Being Coaching.

The approved code for this service is 0591T. 

 Ask how many follow-up coaching sessions under code 0592T are covered. 

THEN, ask what your reimbursement rate would be for each of these services and obtain the necessary information that would need to be submitted.

 ALSO... if your physician thinks that you have a condition that could benefit from lifestyle changes and the implementation of healthier eating habits, they may recommend health coaching as part of your course of treatment?

If that's the case, you could pay for the health coaching sessions with your HSA or FSA. I will supply your doctor with a letter of medical necessity to complete so you can obtain the approval. 

Details, FAQ's, & Sample Letter of Medical Necessity Here