Want to see your hard work in the gym manifest more quickly?



Want to lose fat while gaining muscle simultaneously?



Want a slimmer, more defined waistline?



Want a leaner, yet rock-solid physique without the bulky look?










If you answered "yes", you need to elevate your nutrition game with a customized plan unique to your needs.  


 I can fast track you to a strong, lean, fit, fat burning, HAPPY NAKED BODY!

60 Day Rev Me Up

Rebuild & Reshape



60 Day Rebuild & Reshape Requirements

  • Cannot have hormonal imbalances or digestive issues that have not been properly addressed by a Dr. Rox approved protocol. This will be further assessed during intake.
  • Must be able to commit to 5 days of workouts lasting 60 minutes each or broken into two 30 minute workouts.  Workouts will be 80% strength training & 20% cardio.
  • Must be willing to eat from a customized meal plan with recipes & a matching grocery list which has been curated to help you lean and build muscle simultaneously at a much faster pace than going it alone. Note: Your meal plan will be updated every 2 weeks when your calories & macros are adjusted based on your progress & individual goals.

60 Day Program Includes

$14 Per Day

$888 Total. Pay Later Installment Options Available.

  • 1:1 Intake Coaching & Health Assessment Call with Dr. Rox.
  • Bi-Weekly Customized 7 Day Meal Plans with Delicious Step By Step Recipes & Matching Grocery Lists. (4 customized meal plans in total by the end of the program.)
  • Bi-Weekly Workout Recommendations Based on Your Goals & How Your Body Is Responding. 
  • Frequent 1:1 check-ins (1 X per week).
  • 15+ Strength Training & Body Sculpting  Workout Videos.
  • Natural Modalities to Increase the Fat Burn. 
  • Natural Modalities  to Reduce Muscle Recovery. 
  • Natural Modalities to Boost Muscle Growth.
  • Instructional Videos with Dr. Rox. 
  • Next Steps 1:1 Call Strategy to Transition Out of the Program.
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Everything You Need To Stay Organized, Track Your Metrics & Symptoms, Be Held Accountable &  Supported!


All Rev Me Up Programs are delivered via a HIPAA compliant, private, secure client portal accessible through your desktop and via a mobile app.


You will access all program materials, recipes, worksheets, instructional videos, exercise videos, seminars, and your day to day guide in this app so access is always right at your fingertips when you are on the move! 

You can also log your food, symptoms, sync wearable fitness devices, privately DM & video chat with Dr. Rox though this client portal which also has a mobile app for more 1:1 connection and real-time accountability.


Insurance Reimbursement for 1:1 Health Coaching Sessions 

Dr. Rox is a Nationally Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC)  with a National Provider ID number so depending on your coverage, the health coaching sessions offered in this program could be reimbursable through your health insurance company. This means you could get $200 or more back!  

Call your insurance and ask if you have coverage for : Health and Well Being Coaching.

The approved code for this service is 0591T. Ask how many follow-up coaching sessions under code 0592T are covered. THEN, ask what your reimbursement rate would be for each of these services and obtain the necessary information that would need to be submitted.



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