By Blood Screening & Health History

Are you missing this MASTER KEY to unlocking the mystery of your weight and fat loss struggles?

In weight & fat loss, it is IMPERATIVE that we learn to play the genetic hand we've been dealt in order to achieve & more easily sustain our health & happy naked body goals.


BUT, in order to do this, we must dive deep.


We must literally get to the ROOT!


The root of how YOUR body is digesting and utilizing our key energy sources...Carbs, Fats, and Proteins.


What does YOUR body function best on?


There is only one way to know for sure...through blood screening. 


Blood Screening is the MOST ACCURATE form of Metabolic Typing. 

(Not by simply looking at one's physique and distribution of fat. Are you kidding me?!  That's for amateurs not concerned with accuracy.)


In Advanced Metabolic Type Assessment I use blood screening (a full lipid panel) and some key personal & family health factors to identify how your body metabolizes these key energy sources.

This is an often overlooked, but crucial step in the process of breaking plateaus and obtaining a more lean, fit physique AFTER you have conquered other weight & fat loss road blocks related to inflammation, digestive issues & hormonal imbalances.

As related to getting the scale to move, your favorite clothes to fit, and for you to love what you see in the mirror when you step out of the shower, you CANNOT just hop on the latest fad diet that your best friend is doing without FIRST knowing if it will help or hinder your body.  

The same diet or meal plan that your co-worker lost tons of weight on, may expand your waistline, plummet your energy, and/or leave you with a new disease to treat, instead of leaving you with the happy naked body you were seeking. 

Let's Find Out Your Metabolic Type!

Years spent on the hamster wheel of weight-loss, wasting time and money, can END NOW! 

This assessment will identify if you have a 1) Fat Protein Efficient Metabolism, a 2) Carbohydrate Efficient Metabolism, or if you have a 3) Dual Metabolism. 

Once I have identified your type, you can choose workout programs & meal plans that will work for how your body best uses the food energy sources you fuel it with. You can finally work in harmony with your body! 

Whether you choose to continue your weight/fat loss journey with me OR choose to take your assessment and apply the results to help you choose another professional, you will be armed with the KEY information needed to a make a decision that will provide you with a better chance at attaining and sustaining your goals!

At the end of the day, I am grateful for any portion of your healthy & happy naked journey you allow me be a part of! 

Advanced Metabolic Type Assessment


Price dependent upon how blood screening is submitted.

  • Full Lipid Blood Panel Evaluation
  • Personal & Family Health History Review (less than 17 yes or no questions)
  • Final Assessment to include specific metabolic type with description and weight & fat loss recommendations for the macro nutrient profile and types of exercise best for your metabolic type.
  • There is also an option to purchase a customized meal plan with step by step recipes, matching grocery list, & weekly meal map overview based on your metabolic type. 
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