Learn how to identify & correct imbalances in your body's basic systems that are knowingly or unknowingly causing discomfort, dysfunction, & disease  and stalling progress towards your healthy & happy naked body goals! 


If your scale is stuck and the belly fat won't budge, this PREMIER 4 Part Course & Meal Plan Bundle is for you!


Learn how to rev up your metabolism naturally so fat loss comes more easily !


The 4 Master Class Level courses included in this bundle will teach you:


1) THE physiology & functionality of each of the key organs & systems involved in metabolism...your Fat Loss MVP's,


2) HOW these organs & systems cause your body to hoard fat instead of burning it,


3) HOW to determine if your Fat Loss MVP's are malfunctioning & in need microrepair or additional nourishment, 


4) HOW to use the prescriptive power of food & natural remedies to combat hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, & inflammation that is knowingly or unknowingly stalling the attainment of your healthy & happy naked body goals by harnessing the therapeutic power of food, herbs, & natural remedies.  


Throughout this series of courses, Dr. Rox will share a mind blowing  abundance of proven, practical, scientific-based tips to help you identify what is stalling your weight-loss along with actionable steps, targeted healing recipes, and FOUR done for you meal plans to REV UP YOUR METABOLISM no matter your age or physical limitations!


The Done For You Meal Plans come with prep guides, weekly meal map overviews, step by step recipes, and complete grocery lists for each plan.


This is a $240 value if purchased separately!


7 Day Meal Plans With Prep Guides Included with the MasterClass Bundle:

1. Women's Hormone Balancing Meal Plan

2. Menopause Support Meal Plan

3. Gut Healing Meal Plan

4. Inflammation Reduction Meal Plan




Dr. Rox has over 24 years of experience in helping the fed up and frustrated achieve their weight-loss goals. She is a Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor and a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach with a doctorate in Health Psychology. Her extensive education and experience is paired with an empathy and deep rooted understanding of how challenging the weight/fat loss battle can be. The combination of her education, experience, and empathy have given her a unique ability to develop customized, achievable, and sustainable weight/fat loss plans for her clients.


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4 Hours of In Depth Teaching & Instruction PLUS 4 Healing Meal Plans AND a bonus of 35+ Targeted Healing Recipes

  • Session 1: Rev Up Your Metabolism By Nourishing Key Organs -AKA- Fat Loss MVP's -90 Minutes +¬†Plus 16 healing recipes specific to each organ in need of nourishment.
  • Session 2: Rev Up Your Metabolism By: Balancing¬†Hormones -75 Minutes +¬†Plus 6 healing recipes to support balancing hormones.¬†
  • Session 3: Rev Up Your Metabolism By: Optimizing Digestion- 51 Minutes +¬†Plus 7 healing recipes¬† to support gut health.¬†
  • Session 4:¬†Rev Up Your Metabolism By: Reducing Inflammation- 41¬†Min +¬†Plus 7 healing recipes to support reducing inflammation.¬†
  • PLUS 4 DONE 4 YOU MEAL PLANS with prep guide, meal map overview, step by step recipes, and complete grocery lists!¬†¬†A $240 value if purchased¬†separately.
  • Women's Hormone Balancing Meal Plan
  • Menopause Support Meal Plan¬†
  • Gut Healing Meal Plan
  • Inflammation Reduction Meal Plan.
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Not Sure You Need This Course? 

Grab a pen and paper and allow me to help you assess if you have imbalances in the three key areas addressed in this course and supported through the targeted recipes and done for you meal plans.

In this replay from a LIVE STREAM, I took the viewers through three symptom assessments, taught them which organs & systems most impact fat hoarding & fat burning, dropped gems on the physiological reasons their body is choosing to hoard fat, instead of burning it.


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