Hi! I'm Dr. Rox!


I am a Health Behavior Change Expert and seasoned Functional Medicine Health & Wellness Coach  with a doctorate in Health Psychology, and a 25-year history in the field of health promotion, of which over 13 of these years has been spent in corporate wellness.


I have hit a pivotal point in my career where I am being driven by a profound commitment to making a tangible impact on a much larger scale outside of my private practice; particularly with those who are fed up, frustrated, and feel forgotten about when it comes to their quality of life as it relates to health; even more specifically, the impact of obesity on health outcomes and the quality of life.


I am passionate about partnering with companies who would like to take a more aggressive approach in tackling the issue of obesity within their workforce.




Enhanced Employee Well-being:

Tackling obesity promotes the overall health and well-being of employees. A healthier workforce is likely to experience improved energy levels, reduced stress, and enhanced mental well-being, contributing to a more positive and engaged workplace.

Boosted Productivity:

Healthy employees are generally more productive. By addressing obesity, companies can reduce absenteeism and presenteeism, fostering a work environment where employees are physically and mentally prepared to perform at their best.

Reduced Healthcare Costs:

Obesity is often associated with higher healthcare costs due to increased risks of chronic diseases. By proactively addressing obesity through wellness programs, companies can mitigate healthcare expenses, benefiting both the organization and its employees.

Positive Company Culture:

Prioritizing employee health creates a positive company culture. When organizations demonstrate a commitment to the well-being of their workforce, it fosters loyalty, job satisfaction, and a sense of community among employees.

Improved Recruitment and Retention:

Companies that prioritize employee health are more attractive to prospective talent. In a competitive job market, offering wellness initiatives signals to potential hires that the organization values the overall welfare of its employees.

Enhanced Employee Morale:

Wellness initiatives aimed at tackling obesity can contribute to higher employee morale. When employees feel supported in their health goals, it positively impacts job satisfaction, team dynamics, and overall workplace morale.

Long-term Cost Savings:

While initial investments may be required to implement wellness programs, the long-term benefits include cost savings associated with reduced healthcare expenses, lower employee turnover, and increased productivity.

Legal Compliance and Corporate Social Responsibility:

In some jurisdictions, there may be legal requirements or guidelines related to employee health and safety. Tackling obesity aligns with corporate social responsibility, demonstrating a commitment to ethical business practices and employee welfare.

Risk Mitigation:

Obesity-related health issues pose a risk to individual employees and, by extension, to the organization. Addressing obesity helps mitigate these risks, ensuring a healthier and more resilient workforce.


Centers Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) population data from the National Healthy & Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES)of 2022 shows that:

  • 30.7% of United States adults are overweight,

  • 41.9% obese, and

  • 9.2% are extremely obese.

So over 81.8% of the US population is overweight or obese!


This leaves a mere 18.2% of our US population in a healthy weight range.  


The cost of medical claims for patients with obesity is DOUBLE than those without obesity.


A cost burdened by companies like yours.

Obesity can lead to decreased work performance, increased absenteeism, and higher rates of disability.


This results in lost productivity for employers, lower economic output, and decreased overall workforce efficiency.


Addressing obesity in the workplace is not just a health initiative; it is a strategic investment in the success and sustainability of the organization. By fostering a culture of health and well-being, companies can create a more positive, productive, and resilient workforce, ultimately contributing to long-term success.


Employee Benefits of Working with Dr.Rox


Restore Energy


Come off of Medications

Significantly Reduce or Eliminate Joint Pain & Inflammation


Lose Weight & Break Weight Loss Plateaus

Alleviate Gut Health Issues such as Frequent Bloating, Constipation, GERD, & IBS


Boost Confidence


Get Rid of Brain Fog

Balance Hormones to Reduce Symptoms Associated with Painful Periods, PCOS, Hot Flashes, Diminished Libido, & Mood Swings



When working with me as a Functional Medicine Health Coach for your employees, I will take the time to really investigate what works for YOUR EMPLOYEES struggling with weight, rather than just plugging them in to a one-size-fits all wellness plan.


They will get clear directions and recommendations without judgment or blame.


They will receive support through an empathetic, yet no nonsense, lense to...


1. Hold them accountable,

2. Encourage & uplift them,

3. Help them identify their blindspots, AND

4. Harness the untapped power within so they can overcome the obstacles that have sabotaged the attainment of their goals for years!


Employees who work with me will finally have a plan of action with the support to help them achieve and maintain more energy, better sleep, reduced cravings, less joint pain, and optimal weight without giving up all the good things in life!

Tier 1: Empowerment & Support

$8.50 per ee/ per month (a minimum will apply)

For companies who want to EMPOWER & SUPPORT their workforce in weight management efforts through education BEYOND the wellness workshops basics, but instead with masterclass level education and support tools needed to make and sustain key changes related to attaining and sustaining a healthy weight.

  • Each employee enrolled will have access to monthly MasterClass on topics such as revving up metabolism holistically, gut health, reducing inflammation, balancing hormones, immune health, stress management, and more!¬†
  • Each employee enrolled will have access to TWO DONE-4-YOU clean eating 7-day meals plans¬†each month¬†with matching grocery lists and meal map overviews to save employees hours researching healthy recipes and meal planning.¬†
  • Each employee enrolled will have access¬†to a Clean Recipe Library of over 200+ delicious recipes with step by step instructions.
  • Each employee enrolled will have access to¬† DONE-4-YOU Detox & Reset Meal Plans to support employees in getting back on track after vacations and holidays.
  • 1 Year contract with quarterly payments and¬†a 50 employee minimum enrollment.

NOTE: Individual and group health coaching is not included in this package, but can be added at a-la-carte retainer based rate.

TIER 2: Transformation Package

Same as Tier 1, Plus $388 per ee/ per month

For companies who want a more transformative impact on their employee's health behaviors most linked to obesity by helping employees maintain the motivation, discipline, and consistency to attain their healthy weight goals.


Every quarter, 10-25 employees will have the option to enroll in a 90-day intensive fat loss program as a cohort to teach, guide, and support them along a 90 day intensive root caused based weight/fat loss program.

TIER 1:  Empowerment & Support Package
  • Each employee enrolled will have access to a Monthly MasterClass¬†on topics such as revving up metabolism holistically, gut health, reducing inflammation, balancing hormones, immune health, stress management, and more!¬†

  • Each employee enrolled will have access to TWO DONE-4-YOU clean eating 7-day meals plans¬†each month¬†with matching grocery lists and meal map overviews¬†to save employees hours researching healthy recipes and meal planning.¬†
  • Each employee enrolled will have access to a growing¬†Clean Recipe Library of over 200+ delicious recipes with step by step instructions.
  • Each employe eenrolled will have access to DONE-4-YOU Detox & Reset Meal Plans to support employees in getting back on track after vacations and holidays.

1 Year contract with quarterly payments and a 50 employee minimum enrollment.



TIER 2: Transformation Package which includes
  • Every quarter, 10-25 employees will have the option to enroll in a 90-day Rev Me Up Reboot, Repair, & Revitalize intensive fat loss program as a cohort.
  • During the 90 days, each employee will have a total of 5 intimate 1:1 health coaching sessions, with an additional 13 check-ins to hold them accountable, guide them, and make program adjustments as necessary.

Each employee enrolled in the 90 day Rev Me Up Reboot, Repair, & Revitalize fat loss program will receive:

  • 60 Minute 1:1 Intensive Intake Session to review health history, gain clarity, and identify root psychological and physiological causes of their weight/fat loss struggles.

  • Personal Weight -Loss Care Plan with action steps and recommendations targeting the physiological root cause issues sabotaging¬†the metabolic¬†pathways causing their struggles.
  • Fat Burning Power Foods List for each Targeted Organ/System.
  • Power Foods List for Healing¬†(specific to root cause).
  • Alternative Natural Remedies and Lifestyle Modifications¬† to Increase the Fat Burn.
  • 3-9 Powerful Healing Prescriptions AKA Recipe.s¬†
  • 20+ Recipes carefully curated to target the scientific reason you are not losing weight.
  • 1:1 Coaching Meal Plan Kick-Off Call¬†
  • An online day-by-day guide via a private¬†HIPAA Compliant Mindfully Fit Health Portal and Behavior Tracking Accountability App.
  • 10+ Instructional Videos with Dr. Rox.¬†
  • Frequent check-ins¬†(2-3 X per week during the first 3 weeks)
  • 1:1 Meal¬†Planning & Mapping Review Session
  • Meal Map/Plan Templates.¬†
  • 3 Done 4 For You Fat Loss Meal Plans with weekly overview, step by step recipes and matching grocery list.
  • Access to an archive of over 40+ workouts.
  • 1:1 Mid-Program Coaching Session¬†
  • Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Intention Setting Zoom Sessions
  • Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Accountability Zoom Sessions
  • Splurge Strategies
  • 1:1 Next Steps Strategy Coaching Session
  • ¬†Access to¬†the HIPAA¬†Compliant Mindfully Fit Health Portal and Behavior Tracking Accountability App which will allow them to to track to meals, activity, symptoms, & much more so they can receive same day feedback from their Health Coach.

  • 1 Year contract with quarterly payments and 10 employee minimum enrollment per quarter.

Reversing Type II Diabetes Holistically

Cost: $400 first month, $250 each month thereafter (6-12 month program)

The Sugar Reset¬†redefines the standard of Type II Diabetes care with a unique approach combining Functional Medicine principles with personalized nutritional counseling and 1:1 ‚Äúreal person‚ÄĚ health coaching for comprehensive behavioral support.


Unlike traditional diabetes management programs that often rely solely on medication, Artificial Intelligence (AI) bots, and online libraries of education which lack the ever important 1:1 ‚Äúreal person‚ÄĚ behavior change support, The Sugar Reset takes a holistic approach, addressing the root causes of diabetes and empowering individuals to reclaim control over their health by learning how their body actually works so they can employ strategies that will work with their body‚Äôs natural processes, instead of against it.¬†



  • 1:1 60 Minute Intake & Health History Review Session
  • Personalized Care Plan with Activity, Lifestyle, Nutritional, & Supplement Recommendations¬†
  • Done for You Meal Plans with Meal Map Overviews, Step By Step Recipes,¬†and Complete Grocery Lists... (6 Sample Meal Plans)
  • Meal Planning Training That Teaches Clients How to Swap Out Meals and¬†Build Their Own Meal Plans¬†
  • Blood Sugar Repair Power Foods List¬†
  • Clean Recipe Library¬†
  • Easy Food, Mood, & Symptom Tracking within the mobile app
  • Routine Check ins with Health Coach Via Chat (3-7X per week)¬†
  • Active Engaged 1:1 ‚ÄúReal Person‚ÄĚ Health Coaching (weekly or bi-weekly via video)¬†
  • Routine Monitoring of Key Biometrics (FBS, A1C, Cholesterol, Weight)
  • Routine Monitoring of Food Logs with Feedback
  • Routine Monitoring of Symptoms with Feedback
  • Non-Food Blood Sugar Repair Balance Strategies¬†
  • Habit Skills Training
  • Restaurant Eating Guidance
  • Splurge Tips Guidance¬†
  • 1 year contract with quarterly payments; no employee enrollment minimum.

As you can see from the KEY FEATURES, the Sugar Reset places a strong emphasis on personalized functional nutritional counseling and planning.


We recognize that diet plays a crucial role in managing diabetes, and our team of experts works closely with each client to develop a customized care plan and with nutritional guidance tailored to address the imbalances causing their diabetes.


Through education, guidance, and ongoing 1:1 support, we help our clients make informed choices about their diet and empower them to take control of their diabetes through food and natural remedies.


But The Sugar Reset doesn't stop there. We understand that behavior change is the key to long-term success in managing and reversing diabetes, which is why we provide comprehensive 1:1 ‚Äúreal person‚ÄĚ health coaching to our clients. We coach our clients to overcome barriers & fears and build sustainable habits & systems necessary to 1) reverse metabolic imbalances causing disease and 2) set them up for a more optimal health in the future.¬†


In summary, The Sugar Reset stands apart from the rest by offering a comprehensive and integrative approach that addresses the root causes of diabetes, provides personalized functional nutritional counseling & planning, and delivers 1:1 ‚Äúreal person‚ÄĚ health coaching for comprehensive behavioral support.¬†


In The Sugar Reset individuals are not told what to do, they are taught how the metabolic processes in charge of converting food into energy work so in understanding HOW their body works, they are more inclined to not only use, but SUSTAIN the recommended nutritional and behavior change strategies. This empowers our clients to take charge of their health and restore balance to the metabolic pathways that are causing the manifestation of diabetes and the host of other discomforts, diseases, and imbalances that come along with this lifestyle disease.



Obesity and Type II Diabetes are complex and pervasive health issues which demand a multifaceted approach that extends beyond traditional interventions.

Health coaching is emerging as a potent tool in addressing the intricate challenges posed by both obesity and Type II Diabetes.


American Medical Association (AMA) and the medical community are actively embracing health coaching for its effectiveness in promoting holistic care, empowering patients, addressing behavioral factors, and contributing to chronic disease management aligns seamlessly with the evolving vision of healthcare as a collaborative and patient-centered endeavor.


This growing acknowledgment of health coaching's effectiveness is underscored by the approval of health coaching billing codes by the AMA in recent years. which has allowed for health insurance reimbursement for health coaching services by some insurance companies.


It is important to note that AMA only recognizes health coaches who are certified by National Board of Health & Wellness Coaches.


An esteemed certification Dr. Rox also holds.


As related specifically to OBESITY & TYPE II DIABETES, health coaching, with its emphasis on personalized guidance and goal-oriented strategies, offers a tailored approach to weight management. By fostering a supportive and empowering relationship between individuals and their coaches, it cultivates sustainable lifestyle changes. This proactive engagement serves to not only address immediate health concerns, but also instills lasting habits that extend far beyond the coaching period.



Read More About Dr. Rox Here!


Dr. Rox is certified by the National Board of Health  & Wellness Coaches.

A prestigious certification & the ONLY Health Coach certification recognized by the American Medical Association .

 Dr. Rox also holds a doctorate (PhD) in Health Psychology...the study of health behavior change! 

Additionally, Dr. Rox has worked as a health coach since 2009, but since the start of her career in 1998,  she has dedicated her lifes' work to helping individuals change their health behaviors.

 This extensive education, training, and work history, paired with her own personal struggles with chronic health conditions have given her an empathetic lens from which she can better relate to and support her clients along the lifelong journey of attaining, and sustaining optimal health despite lifes' twists and turns.


Read More About Dr. Rox Here!

If your organization would like to take a more serious approach in tackling the issue of Obesity & Type II Diabetes within your workforce, I would love the opportunity to explore & discuss how I can help you can take meaningful and SUSTAINABLE strides towards a healthier, more productive future for your company, and its greatest assets... the employees.


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