I'm Roxane E. Hearn, PhD... affectionately known by my clients as "Dr. Rox".


"I am dedicated to helping my clients honor their bio-individuality by understanding how their body functions so they can give it what it needs to SURVIVE, THRIVE, and feel ALIVE!  


I find my greatest joy in helping others cultivate the elevated mindset necessary to persevere on this life long journey of attaining & sustaining optimal health DESPITE the twists, turns, & detours that pose a threat to their health & happiness! "


Where There's a Will, 

I Will Make A Way!


My approach to health and wellness is refreshing, practical, no-nonsense and grounded in psychological theory that supports lasting behavior change and functional medicine which seeks to restore balance to your body’s basic systems instead of matching the pill to the ill.


This approach is coupled with a contagious enthusiasm and unmatched dedication to helping my clients achieve their health and wellness goals by any means, DESPITE any limitation of age, illness, injury, or disease.  


In weight & fat loss, it is IMPERATIVE that we learn to play the genetic hand we've been dealt in order to achieve & MORE EASILY SUSTAIN our health & happy naked body goals.


BUT, in order to do this, we must dive deep.


We must literally get to the ROOT!  WHY?


We are a sum of trillions of intelligent cells and molecules that, like an orchestra, must play together harmoniously. 


When we allow foods, behaviors, or environments to disrupt this harmony, imbalances & dysfunction will manifest in the form of unpleasant symptoms, a dissatisfying physique, and disease.


THIS is why GETTING TO THE ROOT is paramount in any approach!

Ignoring the root is like a dog chasing its tail... pointless, time wasting, & useless. 



Resilience Against

All Odds


Despite the outward appearance of an “easy life”,  my journey to becoming Dr. Rox has not been without its setbacks, roadblocks, detours and near-death tragedies.


At the age of 20, while studying for my undergraduate degree, I was stalked, kidnapped, raped, tortured, stabbed 18 times and buried in a shallow grave by an ex-boyfriend.


Then, almost two decades later, well into my thirties, my daughter, a pre-teen & talented high-level competitive gymnast at the time, became wheelchair-bound due to an injury caused by neglect at a gymnastics meet. After 19 months, she regained her ability to walk through intensive therapies, but she still fights to limit the effects of the chronic incurable pain condition the injury has caused.


During my daughters' recovery, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), a chronic progressive autoimmune disease that attacks the joints, eyes, heart and lungs. The RA first presented by attacking my vision. It then progressed into my joints and limited her ability to text, drive, hold a glass, and on worse days, walk.


Throughout it all, I still continued to make progress towards and completing my doctoral degree in Health Psychology..the in-depth study of health behavior change.


However, just 5 years after the completion of my doctorate, degenerative disc disease caused my spine to collapse and an emergency spinal fusion was needed during the COVID pandemic.


2.5 months after surgery my father passed away suddenly while doing what he loved, yard work...this was a devastating, unexpected blow!


Then, 4 months after that, when the pain in my spine returned with a vengeance,  it was discovered that 2 of the 4 titanium screws in my spine had broken!  ALL OF THIS IS IN LESS THAN A YEAR!


I went back under the knife for a second spinal fusion and disc implant 13 months later. Adjusting to the limitations and changes in my body due to the lack of flexibility in my spine has been a challenge, BUT


TIME & TIME AGAIN, I have refused to allow my health setbacks to steal my joy!  I will continue to persevere with grace and enthusiasm, despite the odds!


I overcome each of life’s setbacks with a strengthened faith, elevated resilience, renewed purpose, and a spirit of relentlessness!


I believe that my life challenges were meant to give me an empathetic lens from which I can better understand and support my clients through their health setbacks and challenges as well.



Built on a Dedication to Helping Others Attain Optimal Health That is Sustainable


I hold a Doctorate in Health Psychology (2018), Masters in Healthcare Administration (2006), and a Bachelors of Science in Health & Physical Education (1998).  


I am also a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) and currently in the final stages of completing training to become a FxNA Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor.


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