Let's Get To the Root!

I am a passionate Functional Medicine Health & Nutrition Coach providing root-caused based solutions to address complex fat loss struggles.


"Finally went to see another doctor and paid out of pocket. My thyroid and a few other issues came up. YOU WERE RIGHT! No matter how tiring or frustrating it can be, KEEP HELPING PEOPLE. Your exposure and knowledge will change generational curses."

45+ y/o Female 

"Hi Dr. Rox! Just want to say hello and let you know I am still focused. I feel better each day. I am down 22 lbs with 15 to go. 

I am exercising regularly and eating from the grocery list. I can't believe I am still losing weight and inches! Thank you for introducing me and coaching me to a healthy lifestyle!"  

55+ y/o Female


  • Reverse DIS-ease
  • Break Weight Loss Plateaus
  • Burn Stubborn Belly Fat¬†
  • Balance Hormones
  • Alleviate Joint Pain
  • Increase Energy
  • Speed Up Metabolism¬†
  • Reduce Bloating & Improve Digestion
  • Detox & Reset
  • Reduce PCOS Symptoms
  • Nourish The Thyroid
  • Prepare Your Body for Surgery
  • Speed Up Healing & Reduce¬†Inflammation After Surgery

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Let's Get To The Root of Your Health Struggles!


Hi, I'm Dr. Rox! 

I take the confusion & frustration out of common health struggles by helping my clients understand & correct the imbalances in their body’s basic systems so we can create DYNAMIC & SUSTAINABLE transformations of the mind & body.


More About Me

 "Get a little taste of what you can expect when working with me by trying one of my free or low cost services." 


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Navigating the twist, turns, detours, and unexpected mishaps along the wellness journey to becoming healthy & happy naked can be confusing, frustrating, scary, and depressing. 


Most get fed up, frustrated, and tap out!


Don't Tap Out!


Don't Give Up!


I Gotchu!"


Dr. Rox


"I was down 13lbs this morning but that's not the good news. The good news is that the swelling in my legs & feet was down to normal! No pain or discomfort & nothing comparable to the last 6 days. This is amazing! I am so pleased that the car is on it's way out of the ditch!" 

 70+ y/oFemale

"I had a Toxic Belly  all that time….. OMG!  I am happy to share that changing my eating did help me get off of the diabetes pill now I'm only on the injector once a week. My cholesterol is lower than it's ever been. Actually, I started having to take it every other day because it was too low.

  45+ y/o Female

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I really have never experienced anything like this before! Everyone kinda mocked me while I was doing it and was eating all this "weird" stuff. Lol You know I expressed it was hard at times for me and I am surprised that I stuck with it, but seeing results does make me want to continue so THANK YOU!" 40+ Year Old Female

"I want to thank you for not only the 10 day meal plan, but for your energy and support! The plan has definitely changed my physical from 205 to 195, and taken off 2 inches off my waistline.

50+ Year old Female